Mount Manaslu Expedition

Mount Manaslu (8163m) is an excellent choice for those who are looking to conquer an eight-thousander peak. Additionally, it serves as the best preparatory training ground before attempting Everest and K2 expeditions. Mount Manaslu presents significant technical challenges with its intricate routes navigating crevasses, vertical faces, and hanging glaciers. It demands advanced mountaineering skills and experience, making it a formidable test for climbers seeking to conquer its heights.

Mount Manaslu was first ascent by Japanese expedition team in 1956. Since that it is one of the prime destinations between the adventure enthusiast. Autumn season is the best time to undertake Manaslu Expedition. However, some climber try in Spring seasons, but Autumn has more success rate. 

Mount Manaslu climbing expedition typically begins from its base camp, situated at approximately 4,800 meters (15,750 feet). Climbers follow a series of camps as they ascend, including Camps 1, camp 2, camp 3, and camp 4. Usually Camp 4 is not required but depending upon the client experiences and walking pace we set up camp 4. Weather conditions and acclimatization play crucial roles in determining the success. 

Pre climbing training as well as experience is required before attempting Manaslu expedition. We suggest to climb Mont Blanc in Europe of Lobuche, Island Peak or Mera in nepal. These build up training helps to enhance confident level. For the successful attempt, climbers should have proper climbing gears and clothing. Our instructor and guide check the clothing and gears at Kathmandu and make sure the expedition is secure and well prepared.