With the high ambition of satisfying the adventure enthusiasts in Nepal and worldwide our company is in full-fledge responsibility in providing our services; like ski, trekking and mountaineering adventures. With a belief in our hearts as “guests are like god” Himalayan Ski Trek is a blend of discipline, traditional values, a homely environment and highly experienced team to make any trip successful and helping to build some of the reminiscing memories for our clients.

Be it the trekking towards the massive hills, skiing on the snow white glaciers or the expeditions to the summits that manifolds towards the world’s famous mountains. I myself as a genuine follower of adventure; enjoy and motivate everyone to experience some adrenaline rushing life-time encounters with the nature. The aim of our company is to precedence some of the best services to our clients in accordance to the standard services and results.

With the vision of providing a platform to the native and the westerners I have always given priority to the client’s needs and safety. Our company was established in 2001 to serve the best altitude expedition including Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu and K2. For these may years the company has successfully organized some of the adventurous trips in Europe and America as well. Also, we have been giving regularity to certain expeditions such as Mt. Blance Expedition (France), Kilimanjero Trek and climbing, and Ski Tours in Europe with the Trekking trip packages in Nepal throughout the year.

HST Adventure is working with the best and experienced Sherpa’s acquiring to climb the mountains. As, the founder of this company I, truly believe in in-house employment and facilitate the genetic capacity as one of the treasures in pursuit the dreams of many explorers of Nepal and worldwide. When I look back it’s more than a decade with many achievements and a well known name among other competitors which was made possible with a committed team. I must say we have covered a huge milestone throughout these many years in establishing a trust and reputation among our valuable clients also in the market. However, we always try and work with excellence and more creative ways to fulfill the challenging and enthusiastic discoveries around the mountains.