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Two double amputees, Hari and Justin, successfully climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Two double amputees, Hari and Justin, successfully climb Mt Kilimanjaro

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HST Adventures “Promoting Accessible Tourism”

Accessible tourism is a new chapter in worlds travel dictionary. This concept is all about accessible opportunities for all people. In terms of human rights, it plays a key role.

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Everest Expedition in Pictures | Everest High Camps

Everest Expedition in pictures

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General Travel information of Nepal

Visa upon arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal is grated for Europeans, British citizens and the American Continents, and Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore. For the convenience, do carry your passport-sized photographs to get visa on arrival at the airport.

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Mt. Chulu Far East 2019

HST Adventures family would like to congratulate and applaud to all the team members for successfully summiting Chulu Far East. Dr. Mohamed Alvi and Dr. Shabana Issa arrived in Kathmandu on 18th April 2019 all the way from London for participating in their very first Charity trek and expedition in Nepal.

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Everest Expedition 2019

Moving towards the dream and goal to Summit Everest (8848m)

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HST Everest Expedition 2019 Update!

Early dawn of 3rd of April 2019, HST Adventure initiated in organizing the Everest Expedition 2019, with six climbing members with a base camp manager.

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HST Adventure Destined to Explore

HST Adventures is officially opened at the Chaya Devi Complex , Zero Floor in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. The aim of this company is to promote touristic destinations of Nepal and set a new benchmark in Sustainable tourism along with thrilling and adventurous activities as prime our targets.

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Conquering Dreams