General Travel information of Nepal

Q 1. What are the visa criteria for different continents?

Visa upon arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal is for European, British and the American Countries, and Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore. For the convenience, do carry your passport-sized photographs to get visa on arrival at the airport.

Q 2. What are the flight facilities to Nepal?

Some of the direct daily flights to Nepal follow the routes from Dubai-Beijing-Delhi-Qatar-Hong Kong-Thailand by Qatar Airlines, Jet Airlines, and Thai Airways excreta. 


Q 3. How expensive is the accommodation and logistics in Nepal?

In Nepal accommodation and Logistics are not that expensive and          visitors can manage accordingly. A normal day can be managed within USD 80-100 and for VIP guest’s costs may vary from USD 300-400 for the luxurious stay. Some of the Five Star Hotels in Kathmandu are Yak and Yeti, Annapurna, Hyatt Regency, Soalti Hotel, Radisson where accommodation costs around USD 120-200 including bed and breakfast.

Q 4. What are the honeymoon and family tour destinations in Nepal? 

In case of honeymoon and family tours in Nepal, Pokhara is the best destination, along with Kathmandu where some of the UNESCO Heritage sites are the main attractions and The Chitwan National Park is where wild life and endangered species are to be explored.

Q 5. What are the attractions of Nepal?

Some of the main alluring factors of Nepal are flora and fauna, luscious green forest; dazzling Himalayas, highest peaks like Mount Everest makes it the ultimate climbing hubs along with some of the best trekking destinations consisting of multi-cultural human settlements spread from north to south or east to west.

Q 6. What are the best seasons to visit Nepal?

Nepal is considered as a seasonal travel period for the visitors all over the world who find it as the best destination choice. In particular, some of the favorable seasons for climbing, trekking, and other mountainous trips are specified and quoted by experts and the Nepalese Government. Spring and autumn are best time for treks and mainly visitors are found in abundance during these seasons. However, other seasons are favorable for city tours, jungle safari (National Parks), honey hunting and exploring and mingling with the local cultures and visiting heritage sites to name a few.

Q 7. Is Nepal appropriate to travel?

Since, Lord Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal, and it is the country where Buddhism was originated and flourished. So, it’s a peaceful country where people are helpful and friendly. Historically, Nepal hasn’t faced any violent incidents in the name of ethical, societal or racial reasons. Hence, making it a safe destination to the visitors worldwide. 

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