Everest Expedition in Pictures | Everest High Camps

If you are dreaming of climbing Everest, this page will be more informative for you. The first initial part of the Everest expedition is Base Camp, where you will spend couple of days and weeks. After that the acclimatization phase starts. The acclimatization phase will continue for 2-3 times for the better adjustment. After successful climbing rotation up to camp3, you will be ready for summit push. This is how, the Everest Expedition takes two month. The first rotation will be up to camp 1. Once you fully acclimatize at that height you will climb up to camp 2 and camp 3 after a week. After completion of all these practice and multiple walking across the Khumbu Ice fall you are finally ready for summit. In pictures we are trying to show all the camps above base camp. Hope this information will be good enough for your mind make up and preparation.

Duration of Expedition60 Days
Number of High Camps4 Camps  (Camp1, 2, 3, 4)
Climbing SeasonSpring (April/May)

Namche Bazzar (3440m)

Namche Bazzar is a famous touristic destination of Everest, Khumbu Region. This is home town of Sherpa People. 

Base Camp (5360m)

Base Camp is situated at height of 5360m. During the Everest Expediton, climbers sped must of the time here at BC.

Khumbu Ice Fall

Khumbu Ice Fall is one of the hardest part of Everest. It is situated in between Base Camp and Camp1. 

Camp 1 (5800m)

Camp 1 is situated at height of 5800m, the area is quite flat. After crossing the hardest part (Khumbu Ice Fall), you will reach Camp1. At least 3-4 night need to be sleep here during your acclimatization phase. 

Camp 2 (6400m)

Camp 2 is situated at height of 6400m. There will be easy access for best sleeping tent and Kitchen, toilet etc. This all will managed by organizing company. After this camp, it is hard to sleep at night, and need to survive with dry foods, biscuits, soup etc. Sherpa guides will prepare this all.

Yellow Bend

Yellow Bend is situated in between Camp3 and Camp3. The way is continue steep. Be careful while crossing this section.

Everest South Col (Camp 4)

Camp 4 is also considered as South Col. 

Balcony Everest

Balcony is a famous part, from  where you can see the panoramic view of Tibet, Most of the high altitude mountains. It is very famous point of Everest. The Sherpa will change your oxygen cylinder and continue walk for the summit push. 

Hillary Steep

Hillary Steep is one of the famous part of Everest. After crossing this section, you will reach to the summit. 

Summit (8848m, 29002ft) 

Summit Everest (8848m, 29002ft). After long struggle in mountains for two month, the ultimate goal is summit. This is come to hand unlimited happiness. 

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