HST Adventures “Promoting Accessible Tourism”

Accessible tourism is a new chapter in worlds travel dictionary. This concept is all about accessible opportunities for all people. In terms of human rights, it plays a key role. Since the last few years, the word “differently able” is popular instated of disable. So, the Accessible tourism is for those people who are differently able. Every people are differently able. In a certain time everyone should face this situation. This is how, the world accessible need to promote in the field of Tourism. 

Some of the differently able people have already achieved extraordinary goals in the adventure field. In 2001, a blind person Erik Weihenmayer ascent Everest and he also completed all seven summits in 2008. In 2013, a leg amputee Arunima Sinha scaled Everest. She became world’s first female amputees to crown Everest. A former British Gurkha army veteran Hari Budha Magar, who lost both legs above knees in Afghanistan 2011, is also aiming to scale Everest in 2020 with HST Adventures and He has summited Mera Peak in 2017 and Mt Blanc in 2019. 

These examples proved that tourism is for all. There should not be any kind of discriminations in between normal people and differently able people. 

Nepal is a country of full of tourist attractions. The small Himalayan country Nepal is rich in natural beauties, flora and fauna, dazzling mountains and people’s culture. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourist travel to Nepal for different holiday trips. Trekking, climbing, short hiking, city tours, jungle safari and cultural tours are some of the popular touristic factors that welcome tourist from all over the world. Some of the touristic destination of Nepal is already tested for accessible tourism. For the differently able people, there is need to manage and arrange to make accessible. Hotels, teahouse and toilet need to be friendly for all. And the most important point is that, people should be aware on how to treat and support such tourist. This all makes accessible trip meaningful. 

Hari Budha Magar

Justin Oliver Davis

HST Adventures is a veteran own company based in UK and Nepal. Our Company is dedicated to promote accessible tourism from the beginning, the company has been organizing some of the biggest accessible expeditions to different able body. Mera Peak (in Nepal), Chulu Far East, Manang, Trekking and Expedition in Langtang, and Mount Blanc (in France) expeditions were extremely successfully in the past year through this company. In the coming years, the company has fixed some of the accessible trip in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mount Blanc (France), Matterhorn (Switzerland), 3 Peak Challenge in 36 hours in Uk, Elbrus (Russia) and many 7000m Mountains in Nepal. Company teamwork and field staffs are fully aware and well trained for accessible trip to different able client. Justin and Hari both are  already climbed Mont. Blanc, France in 2019 and currently in Kilimanjaro Expedition with HST Team.

HST adventures provide special training and workshop and we are fully dedicated to promote Accessible Tourism in trekking and climbing for different able body.

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