Hari Budha Magar is a former Gurkha soldier who has set himself an extraordinary goal: to become the first bilateral above-the-knee amputee to climb Mount Everest. Magar lost both his legs in 2010, while serving in Afghanistan, but he has not let his disability stop him from pursuing his dreams. His goal is to inspire others with disabilities to challenge themselves and to break down barriers and stereotypes about what people with disabilities can achieve.

Magar’s journey to climb Everest has been a long and challenging one. He has had to undergo extensive physical training and preparation, as well as raising the necessary funds to finance the climb. He has also had to overcome numerous obstacles, including obtaining a permit to climb the mountain, which had previously been denied to people with disabilities.

Despite the challenges, Magar remains determined to achieve his goal. He has been training relentlessly, using a specially designed prosthetic leg to help him climb and navigate difficult terrain. He has also been working with a team of experts, including doctors, physiotherapists, and climbing guides, to ensure that he is physically and mentally prepared for the climb.

Magar’s climb is not only a personal challenge, but it is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the potential of people with disabilities. He hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves and to show that disabilities should not be a barrier to achieving one’s goals.

Previously, Hari Budha Magar had successfully climbed Mt. Blanc (France) and Mera Peak twice, and attempted climbing training. His mentor, Krish Thapa, who himself is a veteran, served as an SAS soldier and an international mountain instructor, is also climbing with him as the expedition leader. Currently, Hari and his team are busy with the acclimatization phase in Everest. After the successful attempt of Mera Peak, they flew directly to EBC on April 17, 2023. Potentially, they will make the summit in the second week of May.

In addition to inspiring others, Magar’s climb has also attracted attention from the media and from sponsors. His story has been covered by numerous news outlets, and he has received support from a range of organizations and individuals. This has helped him to raise the funds he needs to finance his climb and to spread his message of hope and determination.

Hari Budha Magar’s goal of climbing Everest is an inspiring example of human perseverance and determination. His story serves as a reminder that people with disabilities can achieve great things and should not be limited by stereotypes or barriers. By sharing his story and raising awareness about the potential of people with disabilities, Magar is helping to break down these barriers and to inspire others to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams.

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